Miniature animations

What would a world be without movement ? To brighten up your model, we can add animation, animated life scenes… Our team is able to design train movements at any scale, vehicle movements, and even more advanced animations like a cyclist pedaling on the road !

Trains miniatures

Miniature railway

For the reproduction of a model railway, we are able to use any existing technology (2 or 3 rails, analog or digital). The scales we can work on start from the smallest to the largest (from Z to 0).

With our many suppliers, we can offer you a wide range of railway equipment and of different epochs (steam, diesel, electric; epoch I, II, III, IV, V, VI). Management of spare parts for train is also possible. For more realism, the lighting of passenger cars and the addition of end-of-train lights can be considered. The digital system is perfectly controlled by the team, it allows a change in the rolling mode of each train, the sound addition, smoke etc.

Car System, guidage de véhicules miniatures

Car system

The technology that guides our cars is constantly evolving. Starting from a FALLER CarSystem base, we have developed different technologies: from the simplest to the most sophisticated.

We can simply illuminate FALLER base vehicles by keeping their ability to stop at intersections or make them more autonomous and remotely controllable with a recharging system, anti-collision and direction indication (flashing). This more sophisticated technology can allow you to get back on the charge of each battery, errors that the vehicle could have, to be able to adjust the speed and accessories they are carrying (for example, flashing lights).

Our vehicles can drive on any type of road: dirt, asphalt, cobblestones… The road is based on the FALLER system using a wire (piano rope type) placed in the road that the vehicle will follow thanks to its magnet. We can drive any type of vehicle: trucks, semi-trailers, cars, tractors, and others more personalized.